Predictive Maintenance

Fleet Manager App

Managing 450 trucks across 50 locations.
Gets notified of upcoming schedule.  Approve it…

Connected Fleet

Harness detailed fleet sensor data in the robust MF4 format.

Predetermine Asset Maintenance 

Predict the future failure point of the asset (truck).
Forecast upcoming required maintenance.

Auto Maintenance Scheduling

Schedule based on various factors like availability of parts and service and low volume revenue days.
Based on expected location of the truck, choose the closest service center.

Snowflake’s Manufacturing Data Cloud powers Tasty Bytes predictive maintenance for your it’s global fleet of trucks. By leveraging Snowflake’s unique architecture, we unify data sources to provide insights into vehicle health. Advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities ensure you stay ahead of potential breakdowns, optimizing maintenance schedules and minimizing downtime.

The Tasty Bytes Predictive Maintenance Quickstart includes streaming data via Kafka directly into Snowflake, decoding specific binary formats inside Snowflake using Snowpark, and flattening this data for use. The solution encompasses feature engineering, model training, and prediction to identify which trucks are likely to fail in the upcoming week. Finally, this information is accessible through a Streamlit app for real-time interaction.


Enhancing Customer Experiences

AI-Driven Insights

Equipping our support agents with comprehensive access to information empowers them to handle customer inquiries more effectively.  The Snowflake powered platform reduces mundane tasks, decreases ramp time, and significantly enhances their overall effectiveness and job satisfaction.  Automated responses for common questions further streamline the support process

Understanding Our Customer

With Snowflake as the single source of truth, we can run cross data set analysis to identify where our customer experience may be falling short at the truck and operations level.  This enables us to personalize our interactions, predict customer needs, and inform food truck owners of areas for improvement.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Customers are happier because agents have the information needed to provide accurate, timely responses, and LLM-powered chatbots ensure quick and consistent support.  This leads to faster solutions, reduced wait times, more personalized service experiences, and higher rates of first contact resolution.

Showcase how Snowflake can improve Customer Experiences through Unstructured Data Extraction, Review Translation and Summarization, and RAG based Chat and Email Support all while leveraging cutting edge Snowflake functionality including Cortex LLM’s, Cortex Search, Streamlit, Document AI, Snowflake Notebooks and more.

Leverage this Quickstart to learn about Snowflake’s Document AI beginning with uploading Unstructured Data to an internal stage, then training a Data Extraction Model in Document AI before leveraging it to extract insights from PDFs.

technical USE CASES

Explore technical showcases that leverage Tasty Bytes data. From basic Snowflake 101 to Snowpark 101 and advanced topics like Iceberg, learn how Snowflake’s advanced features and capabilities can be used to build scalable, efficient, and secure data-driven applications, workflows, and ML/AI models. Check back regularly for updates and new product feature usage.

Zero to Snowflake

Introduction to Tasty Bytes
Learn about the Tasty Bytes story, the process to sign up for a Snowflake trial account as well as a step by step guide to deploy the Tasty Bytes Demo Environment (DB, Schemas, Tables, Views, Roles and RBAC) in a Snowflake account.

Cost Management
Learn about Snowflake Virtual Warehouses and their configurabilities, Resource Monitors, Account and Warehouse Level Timeout Parameters and Exploring Cost.

Learn about Snowflake Cloning, Caching, Table Manipulation, Time-Travel and Table level Swap, Drop and Undrop functionality.

Semi-Structured Data
Learn about Snowflake VARIANT Data Type, Semi-Structured Data Processing via Dot and Bracket Notation and Lateral Flattening, Array Functions, View creation, and Snowsight Charting.

Governance with Snowflake Horizon
Learn about Snowflake System Defined Roles, Role Based Access Control, Tag Based Masking, Policies (Row-Access, Aggregation, and Projection), Data Classification, Access History and Universal Search.

Learn about the Snowflake Marketplace by leveraging free, instantly available, live data from Weathersource to conduct data driven analysis harmonizing first and third party sources.

Learn Snowflake’s Geospatial capabilities, beginning with obtaining free, real-time data from SafeGraph. Progress through creating geographic points (ST_POINT), measuring distances (ST_DISTANCE), aggregating coordinates (ST_COLLECT), establishing a Minimum Bounding Polygon (ST_ENVELOPE), determining areas (ST_AREA), identifying central points (ST_CENTROID), and executing advanced Geospatial Analysis using the H3 (Hexagonal Hierarchical Geospatial Indexing System).